Motion Canada - Talent Brand, North Bay

Canfor Corp - Grow with Us, Sajjan

Canada’s largest supplier of industrial parts, Motion Canada, is a client of Curve Communications.   They wanted us to produce several recruiting videos to bolster their talent brand in Alberta and Ontario.  We worked with them to identify a cross section of tenured employees that represents age, gender and ethnic diversity to maximize their talent search. We worked independently at their warehouse capturing interviews and b-roll that resulted in a highly successful recruiting video and campaign.

This Canadian forestry company recognized the importance of good skilled diverse workers and a recruiting video would help find them.  We focused on success stories of their employees, showcasing their growth with the company and the life they build in Prince George, BC.  We followed all their safety protocols on site and produced this video independently, interviewing their employees and directing the shots needed to complete the story.  This video was part of a series of recruiting videos across BC.