Not-for-Profit Awareness

BC Housing

Resilience BC

Providence Health Care

BC Housing wanted to commemorate a very special moment in partnership and reconciliation with a video for YouTube and social media. BC Housing provided us with basic details of the gifting of the canoe and we connected with the Kwikwetlem First Nations to learn more about the significance of the gift and ceremony. We captured it with two cameras as we didn’t want to miss any moments of the ceremony. We’re very happy we were able to film, edit and produce this video for the client and the KFM.

With the rise of hate crimes in the community, Resilience BC needed 13 versions of a video, each being community specific. In partnership with the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, we crafted a story that was inclusive and mindful of representation.  We were also careful on how the visuals may impact victims of violence, balancing scenes that carried the message without amplification. 

PHC required a video editor to help with a message they filmed. They sent us their raw footage and we sorted out the story and edited the video with some text on camera.

They also needed an Instagram video and we reformatted the story to fit the specifications.