Craft Artisan Wood Floors for Curve Communications

Motion Canada for Curve Communications

Point Roberts Marina and Seabright Farms

Craft produces and sells the highest grade, environmentally sustainable wood floors. They called on our client Curve Communications to help them with marketing and we assisted with their video. They needed a testimonial video that reflects their product with their dedication to sustainability. We created this story by meeting and talking to Curve, Craft, and their clients who use the products, reflecting why they chose Craft for their floors.

Our client, Curve Communications needed help for a video for their client Motion Canada. These videos included branding, talent and recruitment. Curve Communications gave us their directives and we helped produce videos in Edmonton, Nisku, and North Bay, being mindful of diversity.

“The safest community in America”. These two collaborating businesses needed a video that drew in Canadian clients and investors to their properties. We met with both their directors to formulate a video that speaks to the lifestyle of this community. All the scenes are timed to ensure the best natural lighting was available for the shots.